We aim at creating a European understanding of how to best provide practical social entrepreneurial experiences to young people. Thanks to your contribution, we will produce a report and toolkit for practitioners defining the best ways to inspire, educate and support young social entrepreneurs.

* 1. Name of your organisation

* 2. Category - e.g. charity, public institution, private company, etc.

* 3. What are the motivations for a young person to become a Young Social Entrepreneur (YSE)?

* 4. What issues or barriers do YSEs face?

* 5. What does effective outreach to YSEs look like? - e.g. social media, WOM, etc.

* 6. What kinds of support do YSEs need? - e.g. capacity-building, mentoring, funding opportunities, etc.

* 7. What networks are required for YSEs to further develop their social ventures? - e.g. social entrepreneurs, companies, charities, journalists, etc.

* 8. What is needed to enable this support? - e.g. funding, support from government, guidelines, more inclusive ecosystem, etc.