About this survey

Following our first survey, which closed in December 2016, the Common Conditions Affecting the Hand and Wrist Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) has produced a long list of questions for research. This is based on suggestions made by 124 patients and 152 healthcare professionals.

We now need your help to prioritise the questions in this list.

We want to hear from:
  • People with any experience of common conditions of the hand or wrist
  • The health care professionals who treat them
We want you to tell us which of the questions you think are most important for research to answer. You do not need to know about research – just tell us what is important to you based on your own experience.    

The top 25 questions will be taken to a workshop in May where the final top ten will be agreed.

Click here to find out more about this project:  http://www.bssh.ac.uk/patients/bssh_james_lind_alliance_partnership.aspx
How the survey works

You will take part in a 2-stage process:
  • First, you will be asked to read the long list of 59 questions and choose any of the ones you most want research to answer. These questions will be added to a “holding pen” where you can review them more easily.
  • On the next page, you will review the questions in your holding pen, and select up to 10 questions that you think are most important. You will be asked to rank those questions in order of importance.

Your participation is anonymous. If you have any questions please contact Judith.Rogers@ouh.nhs.uk

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