1. Be part of the publishing process with Orion

Greatest Hits is the new novel by the number one bestselling author of The Versions of Us, Laura Barnett.

The paperback is being published in January 2018 and Orion are looking to consult with enthusiastic reading groups on the cover look and pitch for the book.

The successful groups will receive advance copies of the book for each group member and feedback forms to complete and return before travelling to Orion Headquarters to meet the marketing team!

As a thank you for your time, Orion will also send your group a bundle of books!

Orion are able to contribute £100 towards a group’s travel expenses to London.

To enter, simply complete this short survey by 26 July.

* 3. Please enter the name of your reading group:

* 4. Please provide a short description of your group to tell us a little about yourselves

* 5. How many members are there in your reading group?

* 6. Is your group...

* 7. Is your group mostly aged

* 8. How often do you meet?

* 9. What genres of literature do you like to read?

* 10. Please list the last five books your reading group read

* 11. What languages and cultural backgrounds are represented in your members?

* 12. What most excites you about this project and why would you like to be involved? (In 200 words)

* 13. Is your group able to travel to London to meet the Orion marketing team to discuss your thoughts on the book?

* 14. If known, please tell us the dates of your meetings in September and October

* 15. Please enter your email address

* 16. Please enter your name and delivery address

Thank you!