* 1. How many years have you lived outside of your "home country"?

* 2. Why were you in a foreign country (as an adult)?  Choose all that apply.

* 3. What is your current age?

* 4. Describe your feelings when you returned to your home country.

* 5. How challenging would you rate re-entry/repatriation overall?  One star means it was extremely hard and you are still struggling, and ten stars means you did not experience any unexpected difficulties or uncomfortable feelings.

* 6. What were your primary challenges with re-entry/repatriation?  Pick all that apply.

* 7. Did you receive or seek out re-entry/repatriation support?  Please provide some details in the comment box at the end.

* 8. How did you cope with re-entry/repatriation?  Check all that apply and elaborate in the comment box.

* 9. What do you wish you had more help with?

* 10. What do you enjoy most about being back in your home country?

* 11. When you went overseas, you were probably going on a great adventure.  Do you feel like you are on an adventure now that you are home?

* 12. Anything else you’d like to tell us about your re-entry/repatriation or how to support those in re-entry/repatriation?

* 13. Optional:  Please enter your name and email address if you wish to get a copy of the results of this survey or have us keep in touch with you.

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