Whether you are currently a user of the library service or not we would like to hear from you.  Please help us to provide the service you need by completing our survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the library survey. When you have completed the survey you will be given the opportunity to enter our prize draw.

The results of this survey will only be used by the library team to analyse the services that are provided, to identify areas for improvement and to demonstrate the relevance of the services provided, and not for any other purposes
Anonymised data will be presented at meetings such as the Surrey & Sussex Healthcare Local Academic Board, and used in reports and displayed on the Library & Knowledge Services SASH Plus Board in East Surrey Library.

Participants who kindly provide their contact details may be contacted by the library team to: follow up on any concerns the respondent has raised; to provide them with an update on relevant changes that the team has made; to ask for their permission to attribute any comments they have made (ie positive comments) and to share these publicly for example on the library feedback board or in the library annual report; or to ask the respondent to work with the library team to create an impact case study.

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* 1. Are you currently a member of the library?