The Scottish Government's first National British Sign Language (BSL) Action Plan was published in October 2017, following the enactment of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015. 

West Dunbartonshire Council is preparing its own plan as well, as required by the Act.

Our draft plan, is to ensure that BSL users (those individuals whose first of preferred language is BSL) are able to be fully involved in daily and public life as active, healthy citizens able to make informed choices about all aspects of their lives.

Throughout this document we refer to BSL users.  This covers all people whose preferred first  language is BSL. This included those who receive the language in tactile form due to sight loss.  We understand and value BSL as a language in its own right, as a language which enables our D/deaf and Deafblind citizens to fully engage in our communities as active citizens.

West Dunbartonshire Council wants to ensure that this area is a great place to live, work and visit for BSL users. 

We have developed a West Dunbartonshire action plan covering the period 2018-2024. 

This is a consultation draft of the action plan and we’re keen to hear from local BSL users on our proposed actions before we finalise.

The plan focuses on what can be delivered in West Dunbartonshire to support the long-term goals of the national plan, setting this activity in the context of our local context through the West Dunbartonshire Plan for Place 2017-2027 and the Council Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Our draft plan aligns to the Equality Outcomes and Mainstream Report for 2017-2021

As part of our approach to equality and diversity we ensure that relevant documents and process take account of considerations for BSL users, including staff training, and our approach to Equality Impact Assessments.  In addition we have recently revised our access strategy for education services covering the period 2018-2021. 

We are committed to protecting and supporting BSL, our Communicating Effectively guide sets our corporate standards for communication.

Key Contacts

If you have any questions or comments about the draft Council plan or our wider approach please contact us using the email address below in the first instance.

If you wish to directly discuss the plan please contact

We can also be contacted using the contactSCOTLAND website

A BSL Version of this section is here

The draft plan is also available in video format.