We would like your help to better understand how you see the automotive industry, and find out what your views are, why and when you formed those views.

This research is part of the UK Automotive Sector: Diversity Taskforce, which is a programme to help us understand how the automotive sector could be more attractive to work in for future generations.

Someone who works in the automotive industry is someone who makes, designs, fixes, maintains or sells cars, lorries or motorcycles. 

From new electric supercars that can drive themselves, to vintage cars that you start with a handle!

The survey is anonymous, and any questions asking for information about you will only be shared within the IMI, and in a way which is non-identifiable on an individual basis.

The survey should take you no more than 5 minutes

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* What school do you attend?

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* What year are you in at school or college?

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* What county is your school in?