Project Promotion Questionnaire


Firstly, congratulations on your successful grant from Marshes Community Benefit Fund. We want to work with you to spread the news of your organisation and project, especially the benefit that it will bring to our local community. Additionally, we kindly ask for your support in promoting Marshes CBF to other potential applicants as well as raising public awareness of the fund.

Therefore, please take 2 minutes to complete the below questions which will help us to mutually understand your planned project promotion and for you to request any support needed from us.

Of course, if you have any future projects in mind that would be suitable for Marshes CBF funding then we’d invite your application.

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* 1. Organisation Name

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* 2. Title of your successful project

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* 3. Your Details

(Please provide details of a contact for your project promotion activity. Any stickers will be posted to the address given below)

Please note that we understand you submitted contact details at time of application however we are also contacting successful projects from previous rounds and so your details may have changed in that time. Additionally, you may wish for the stickers to be sent directly to a member of your organisation which is different to your standard organisation contact.

What support can we offer you?

We are able to provide vinyl stickers (for inside/outside signage) which can be ordered below as well as supplying our logo in a wide range of formats and can support your press coverage by providing a quote. Our 'brand guidelines' PDF booklet provides information on how the Marshes CBF brand can be used. Should you need any specific support/resources, please let us know below

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* 4. How do you plan to promote your grant from Marshes CBF?

Please provide specific examples of any planned signage, use of logo, events etc

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* 5. Would you like to request Marshes CBF stickers?

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* 6. Please provide details of any planned press coverage/opportunities?

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* 7. If so, how and where will you use the stickers?

We have small, medium and large stickers available in various quantities so please provide specific examples so we can supply the relevant stickers.

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* 8. Is there anything else we can do to support your promotion of the project and/or grant?