Your views on our new build developments

The Association's Development Strategy sets out our approach to delivering affordable housing over the next four years. It is essential we get the views of our current and future tenants to help us identify what we need to focus on.
Please answer as many of the questions below as you can. Tell us how you feel about the Langstane property you live in and tell us what could be improved about your home and the development you live in.

You don't have to provide your name but it would be very helpful if you would tell us at Question 10 which development you live in you are a tenant with us. 
Thank you  

Some recent Langstane developments

Some recent Langstane developments

* 1. What do you think about the overall quality of the development you live in?

* 2. Does your property have any maintenance issues that might mean we need to review the quality of parts and materials we use in our new developments?

* 3. When we build new developments we have to balance the cost with trying to provide homes that people are want to live in. To do this, it is helpful for us to know what you think is important in the design of a home. Please tell us whether the design issues listed below are very important, important or not important to you.

  Very important Quite important Not important
Spacious rooms
Lots of storage in the property
Energy efficient, low running costs
Affordable rent
Distinctive or contemporary design
Lots of external storage (for bikes etc)
Plenty of car parking spaces
Close to public transport & local facilities
Quality communal outdoor space (seating, play facilities etc)
Design that can be adapted as occupants age or needs change
Good security - CCTV, lighting, door entry etc
Access to private outdoor space (gardens, balconies etc)

* 4. Did we miss anything at Question 3? Please tell us what else is important in the design of a new home.

* 5. What do you like best about your current home?

* 6. If we could make one improvement to your current home, what would it be?

* 7. Do you have any other views on how we develop our new homes in the future?

* 8. We are keen to have a list of tenants who would be interested in getting more involved in the development process, for instance attending Design Review panels to comment on the design of future developments, or occasionally answering short surveys  on development topics. Would you be interested in joining our list? If yes, please leave your contact details at Question 10.

* 9. Contact details (optional)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey