Welcome to the 2020 MS Amlin Boat Insurance boating participation and insurance survey

We are gathering our thoughts on the future of boating and boat insurance and would like to combine them with yours.  By collecting your responses, we hope to generate insights which will allow us to shape possible future developments in our business.

Your data will be held securely by MS Amlin, The Knot Agency (working on behalf of MS Amlin Boat Insurance) and Survey Monkey until 31st December 2020, unless otherwise stated, where upon it will be deleted.  By agreeing to participate in this survey, you agree that we will process your data in accordance with our privacy policy, and that of The Knot Agency's.  
Privacy Policies can be viewed here:
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We respect your trust and privacy and therefore will never sell or share the data with any other third parties.
If you have any questions, or change your mind, contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing dataprotectionofficer@msamlin.com.

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