The TAPAS project (see presentation) is a means to facilitate and promote the responsible sharing of articles. After providing some more detail on TAPAS in an STM/STEC webinar, STM is now interested to gauge the interest of publishers, platform providers, and service providers to support and collaborate on TAPAS. To this end, we would welcome your views through the survey below. If your organisation represents multiple "types" (see question 2), please fill in multiple copies of the survey.

* 1. Please enter your organisation (name):

* 2. Please enter your organisation type:

* 3. Please enter your name:

* 4. Please enter your email address:

* 5. Does your organisation at this moment offer a service for article sharing that is comparable or similar to TAPAS?

* 6. If you already have an article sharing solution in place, would you consider replacing it by TAPAS?

* 7. Is your organisation prepared to take an active role in the next steps of standard definition, prototyping, and user testing TAPAS?

* 8. Is your organisation eager to adopt and implement TAPAS as soon as the project is ready for launch and full implementation?

* 9. Will your organisation consider implementation of TAPAS at the moment that your platform provider(s) can offer the service?

* 10. Would you like to implement a TAPAS-like service via a third party service provider such as DeepDyve, Mendeley or ReadCube?

* 11. If your organisation does not consider implementation of TAPAS, what are the reasons for that: