1. How do You Shape Up?

This survey allows you to assess the maturity of your organisation.
It is designed to be completed by managers who have a broad understanding of the organisation's procedures and performance.

If you leave us your contact details at the end we can send you a report that indicates the maturity of your organisation with a broad, light touch estimate of your score against the internationally recognised EFQM Excellence Model®.
Please note: this survey is © copyright London Excellence 2013

* 1. Before we start, how would you describe your role?

* 2. For this review it is important that you are clear as to whether your answers relate to the whole organisation or a particular department or project team within it.  

If you are assessing your department / team please take the word 'organisation' in the following questions to relate to this department or team.

In responding, are you referring to your full organisation or a team within it?