The Council is currently preparing a Low Emission Strategy to replace our now dated Air Quality Action Plan. The new strategy will also include actions in relation to air quality. So that we can make it the best plan possible we want to know what you think of our proposed aims and the actions we'll take to achieve these aims.
Strategy Aims
  • To achieve a higher standard of air quality across Maidstone.
  • To assist Maidstone Borough Council in complying with relevant air quality legislation.
  • To embed an innovative approach to vehicle emission reduction through integrated policy development and implementation in Maidstone and across the region.
  • To improve the emissions of the vehicle fleet in Maidstone beyond the ‘business as usual’ projection, through the promotion and uptake of low and ultra low emission vehicles.
  • To reduce emissions through an integrated approach covering all appropriate municipal policy areas. Under each area, the specific actions aimed at reducing emissions will be developed.