Whole School Pupil Voice Questionnaire March 2016

* 1. Name

* 2. Year

* 3. Form

* 4. Gender

* 5. I enjoy school and learning.

* 6. I feel happy and safe in school.

* 7. Bullying is dealt with effectively, e.g. by teachers, form teachers, assistant learning managers, learning managers, pastoral support assistant, prefects and senior leaders.

* 8. I have good literacy skills (Reading and writing) e.g., using reading behaviours, writing behaviours, spelling and grammar.

* 9. I take pride in how I present my work.

* 10. I am good at speaking and answering in class (oral literacy).

* 11. I respect other learners and listen to what they have to say.

* 12. I am good at applying my numeracy skills across all my lessons, e.g. drawing graphs in Science, measuring in Technology.

* 13. I have opportunities to develop my ICT skills and digital literacy across the curriculum, e.g. using iPads for research, taking photos in art, researching on the internet, using Word/Publisher/PowerPoint to present my work.

* 14. I am good at solving problems.

* 15. The school teaches me how to keep healthy, e.g. in PE, Food Technology, Science and healthy eating options and
water bottles given to every pupil.

* 16. I record homework tasks in my planner.

* 17. I do as well as I can at homework tasks.

* 18. I think the results / marks / grades / levels I achieve are a true reflection of my ability.

* 19. I understand what I have to do to improve my work, e.g. the targets my teacher sets me, using the assessment target grids, my reports, peer and self assessment.

* 20. I understand and support sustainable development and global citizenship, e.g., supporting Fairtrade, using the recycling bins in school.

* 21. I value learning about other peoples' beliefs and cultures, e.g. in my lessons, in R.S., pastoral lessons and assemblies.

* 22. I know how to revise for exams / tests.

* 23. Pupils behave well and I can get my work done.

* 24. I behave appropriately in school.

* 25. I learn best when working with others.

* 26. I learn best when working on my own.

* 27. I know who to ask if I need help in school.

* 28. I understand the importance of my education; school helps me get ready for my next school, college or start to my working life.

* 29. My homework helps me to understand and improve my work in school.

* 30. The school listens to our views and makes some changes we suggest, e.g. the form representatives, year and school council meetings and feedback in assemblies, new picnic benches, uniform, wider variety of food.

* 31. I am encouraged to do things myself and take responsibility for my learning and development.

* 32. Staff treat all pupils fairly and with respect.

* 33. I can apply my numeracy skills to real life situations, e.g. working out the best deal when shopping for an item.

* 34. I am doing well at school.

* 35. There are plenty of opportunities for me to have regular exercise in school, e.g., PE lessons, 5x60 clubs, sports teams and clubs.

* 36. I have enough equipment and resources in school to do my work, e.g., books, computers.

* 37. I have opportunities to develop my creativity and imagination in school, e.g. in Art, Drama, Music, School Production, Welsh Baccalaureate projects.

* 38. What do you think is the best part of our school? e.g. good teachers that care about the pupils, a positive learning environment, 'it is cool to do well', a wide range of subjects to study, a range of extra curricular clubs and sport teams, etc..

* 39. If I could change anything to improve our school, I would suggest:

* 40. Please answer this question ONLY if you are in Year 9, Year 10 or Year 11:
I was given good advice before selecting my Key Stage 4 courses, e.g., by teachers, pupils, my parents, the careers
officer, in the options fair for pupils and for parents.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please press the done button at the bottom of the page.