Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership Learning Disability Strategy Consultation

Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership are developing a local Learning Disability Strategy. 
In 2017 we listened to the views of many people and organisations about what makes life better for people with Learning Disabilities and what needs to improve in relation to health and care needs. Using this feedback and the work of various sub-groups we have now produced a draft strategy for consultation.
The draft strategy can be viewed on the Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership website, click here.
We welcome your thoughts and views on this draft version and will take these into account when writing the final version of the Strategy.
A strategy is a big plan of the work we wish to prioritise as a Partnership.  We have developed what are known as Strategic Outcomes, which will guide us through the work we will undertake over the next 5 years. 
There will be more detail provided about how we we will achieve our outcomes in an implementation plan, but first we want to make sure that the strategy provides a good starting point and vision.

* 1. How would you describe yourself?

* 2. Can you tell us your age?

* 3. Can you tell us your Gender?

* 4. What do you like about our Strategy?

* 5. Is there anything you don't understand or needs to be clearer?

* 7. If you feel we have missed anything can you tell us what this is?

* 8. Do you want to tell us anything you haven't already?

* 9. Do you have a suggestion for the name of our strategy?

*as an example the national Learning Disability strategy is called 'The Keys to Life'