Are you an organisation working with a community that has stories to tell and heritage that is often overlooked? If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are currently planning the Hidden Heritage Project. This project will promote better community engagement with under-represented heritage and use heritage to improve the lives of marginalised or under-represented communities.

What do we mean by heritage?

We take a very broad view on this. If you represent a specific cultural group, we’d like to hear from you. If you represent people from an area that has stories to tell, we’d like to hear from you. Heritage means different things to different people, so if you feel that your community has memories that can be shared or traditions to be celebrated, you could get involved in the Hidden Heritage Project.

What would the the Hidden Heritage Project involve?

We want to engage local voluntary, community and faith sector groups who use heritage projects as a way of improving people's lives.

We will:

  • Run a grants programme to fund local projects promoting better engagement with heritage and celebrating different cultures;
  • Bring together these organisations in a Community of Practice to identify and share best practice, identify communities who are particularly disengaged with heritage or whose heritage is under-represented or marginalised;
  • Promote greater engagement amongst those communities who currently feel excluded from heritage activity by empowering them to develop their own ideas and projects;
  • Increase the resilience and sustainability of local heritage organisations

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (or COP) is flexible partnership of organisations and individuals that share a particular interest. There are no complex election processes or committees, just people with shared priorities meeting periodically to discuss matters of heritage. We would like to use this forum to support local heritage groups through training/mentoring, as well as encourage them to identify ideas to promote heritage and use it to improve people’s lives.

Our idea is that this COP may also help us shape future heritage grants programmes run by LCVS.

What grants will be available?

This is yet to be decided. The nature and size of grants under the programme will be finalised as plans come together. Your feedback will be important in shaping how the final grant programme would look.

What next?

We would be really grateful if you could spend 5 minutes completing this short survey.

If you have any questions about this survey or want to speak to us, please contact Richard Davies or John McCormack on or (0151) 227 5177.

Question Title

* 1. Agency/Service/Partner name

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* 2. Does your organisation define itself as working with a specific group? Tick all that apply to your main services/activities.

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* 3. Do any of these issues impact upon the communities you serve? (tick all that apply)

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* 4. The grants we are considering are likely to be small grants (circa £10,000). Would your organisation be able to deliver a project that achieved some of the outcomes above using a grant of this size?

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* 5. If you have any particular ideas for heritage projects that you would like to share, you can let us know here. 

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* 6. If your organisation secured funding under this project, what would be the likely benefits? (tick all that apply)

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* 7. How many ADDITIONAL people do you think you would be able to engage in a heritage project of this type? This can be an approximate number that will help us to gauge interest.

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* 8. The Community of Practice will provide regular opportunities for funded groups and other interested parties to come together to share best practice, coordinate activities for maximum impact and allow us to provide training and mentoring to increase organisational strength. This training may cover things like fundraising, governance, working with volunteers etc. Tick all responses that apply.

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* 9. Any other comments (feel free to leave your contact details)