Presentation of the London Creative Network Programme

London Creative Network (LCN) is a professional development programme for creative practitioners in London. Delivered by SPACE, with Cockpit Arts, Four Corners and Photofusion, it runs until Autumn 2018.

SPACE supports visual artists to realise a project within a 6 month-period using innovative technologies or processes. The emphasis is on developing new products and services leading to a more sustainable practice.
SPACE has been providing workspaces and advocacy for artists and supporting innovation since 1968. 

Cockpit Arts supports designer-makers through a rolling programme to develop new processes, products and services, underpinned by business skills and leading to a more sustainable practice. The programme caters for all types of craft practices – from batch producers to artist-makers.
Cockpit Arts is an award winning social enterprise and the UK’s only creative-business incubator for designer-makers and talented craftspeople.
Four Corners supports photographers to develop their practice through a programme of specialist workshops, mentoring support, in-house facilities and networking, with the opportunity to create and showcase new projects.
Four Corners is a learning, production and exhibition centre for film and photography based in East London for over 40 years.

Photofusion supports photographers who wish to extend their practice by incorporating new ways of working, with an emphasis on the development of new products and services.  Photofusion offers specialist workshops, use of in-house facilities, and mentoring, as well as advice on how to incorporate these new ways of working into existing business/artistic plans.
Photofusion is London’s largest independent photography resource centre and has been operating in South London since 1979.

You must be based in London and registered with HMRC for at least 1 year to be considered for this opportunity. You will be asked to provide a set of accounts and your financial information will be protected by the Data Protection Act 1998. 

If you wish to apply to London Creative Network Programme, please let us know more about you & your business/practice.

London Creative Network is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Data Protection Act 1998: the information you provide will be used solely for the London Creative Network programme and will not be disclosed for any other purpose-

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