Leigh-on-Sea Town Council is a member of the New Coastal Community Team for the Leigh area, working alongside other organisations including Leigh Port Partnership, Southend Borough Council, Leigh Society and local fishermen and businesses.

Coastal Community Teams is a national Government initiative that is intended to encourage a greater level of partnership working, support the development of local solutions to economic issues, and encourage the sustainable use of heritage and cultural assets in the area.

It is important to find out what local businesses think about operating in Leigh, what the challenges and opportunities are, and what kind of projects businesses would like to see emerge.

As the focus of the CCT is primarily on the coast (although not exclusively), which includes areas around Old Leigh and Two Tree Island for example, it is important to understand how the image of the area as an active fishing port and visitor destination supports the wider Leigh economy.

If you would like more information about the Coastal Community Team for Leigh-on-Sea you can contact giles@culturalengine.org.uk or Leigh Town Council.