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Penzance Neighbourhood Plan isn’t only about Penzance town but covers the whole parish from Gulval to Mousehole. 

GVCA have already shared the Gulval Village Plan which sets out what people in the village wanted when we held the ‘’Village Conversation’’ in 2014. The parish wide Neighbourhood Plan can take these policies on board so they have more weight in the planning process.

However, It is also important to have your views now on the future of Gulval so that the Neighbourhood Plan can properly and fairly reflect them. 

The following statements and questions relate to the headings and policies in the Gulval Village Plan and some other key issues in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Please let us know what you think, and tell us if we have missed something.

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Gulval is a separate village community with its own distinct identity.

Please use the comment box to say what you think makes it different and what defines it.


The roads through Gulval need to be more pedestrian/ cycle friendly and particular traffic hazards identified and made safer.

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* 8. Where?

The Neighbourhood Plan supports the need to invest in Penzance town centre, harbour and waterfront to maintain the town’s importance as a service and employment centre for the whole parish and wider area.

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