Dear colleague,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this survey which aims to validate scales on Literacy and Second Language Learning for the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LASLLIAM). These scales are being developed by an international team of literacy researchers on behalf of the Council of Europe/Education Policy Division.

The concept is based on teaching experiences and curricula in various countries and has already been revised according to international experts’ feedback and according to the results of 19 qualitative workshops across Europe.

This large-scale survey among practitioners experienced in the field of literacy and/or second language learning and assessment is the final step in the validation of the scales that will be published at the end of 2021, and we very much appreciate your feedback.

The LASLLIAM Reference Guide complements the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) and the CEFR Companion volume below and up to the A1 level for adult migrants, with special attention to adult migrants literacy learners (LESLLA). It is to serve designers of curricula, teaching materials, and assessment tools as well as teachers in their service of literacy-and-second language learners.

LASLLIAM provides descriptors for spoken and written communicative language activities and strategies (i.e. reception, production, & interaction) as well as for technical literacy and digital skills, defining and scaling potential teaching objectives targeted to sustain the migrants' autonomy in communicating in the social tasks that they want or need to perform, and the competence needed to accomplish these tasks.

All descriptors have been scaled at four levels (from LASLLIAM 1 to LASLLIAM 4) and are to be used for describing individual learner profiles which might be uneven in the various spoken, written, technical and digital competencies.

LASLLIAM 3 partially overlaps with CEFR Companion volume Pre A1 and LASLLIAM 4 partially overlaps with CEFR and CEFR Companion volume A1.

Please note that the scales and the descriptors you will evaluate are not the comprehensive list of scales and descriptors but only a part of it. There are 18 survey versions and you will only be working on one. 

A glossary with key words that appear in bold in the survey can be downloaded from here.

Please note that:
1)     If you want, you can go back and change a previous response given in a previous task.
2)     You can stop and continue the survey later. Your responses will be saved
automatically for each task so you will start from the last
incomplete task. Therefore, in order not to lose any answers, please
only take a break after having finished a complete task and clicked 'next'. Please don't close the browser, just keep it open and return to it when you can.
3)     The expected time needed to complete the whole survey is approximately 40 minutes.
4)     You have to click on “DONE” only once all 5 tasks are completed, so only one time at the end of the survey.

When you are ready, please click on the word LASLLIAM below to start. The number of the survey version you will complete is displayed after the word LASLLIAM.