What is the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight?

Blackburn with Darwen Council is committed to supporting every resident of the Borough to be a healthy weight. Unhealthy weight (both under and over weight) is a serious public health problem that increases disability, disease and death and has substantial long term economic, well-being and social costs.

The council is proposing to adopt a 'Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight' as near neighbours Blackpool and St Helen's Council have recently achieved and we are seeking your opinions on what commitments should be included along with those that all Councils sign up to which are:

 Protect residents from the commercial pressures and vested interests of the food and drink industry supplying high fat, salt and sugar products
 Consider how commercial partnerships with the food and drink industry may impact on messages communicated around healthy weight to the local community.
 Review provision in all our public buildings, facilities and providers to make healthy foods and drinks more convenient and affordable and limit access to high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks
 Increase public access to fresh drinking water on local authority controlled sites.
 Retain our Planning for Health policy which includes restrictions guidelines for hot food takeaways applications, specifically in areas around schools, parks and where access to healthier alternatives are limited.
 Advocate plans with all partners and local communities to address the causes and impacts of obesity.
 Strive to protect our children from inappropriate marketing by the food and drink industry.
 Support the government in taking action at national level to help local authorities reduce obesity prevalence and health inequalities in our communities.
 Ensure food and drink provided at public events includes healthy provisions, supporting food retailers to deliver this offer.
 Support the health and well-being of local authority staff and increase knowledge and understanding of overweight and obesity to create a culture and ethos that promotes healthy weight as the norm.
 Consider how strategies, plans and infrastructures for regeneration and town planning positively impact on physical activity.
 Monitor the progress of the plan against commitments and publish the results

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has recently developed the Eat Well Move More Shape Up action plan of which this declaration is a major part.

We would appreciate 5 minutes of your time to indicate, in order of preference, which areas of work you would like to see included in our Local Declaration which will be specific to Blackburn with Darwen.

Thank you for your time and support in developing the Healthy Weight Declaration for your Borough

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* 1. Please indicate in order of preference which commitments you would like to see included in Blackburn with Darwen's Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight?

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* 2. Are there any other commitments you would like to see including the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight?