The Corsham 10k wants you!!!

The Corsham 10k and fun run are taking place on the 23rd of April in the morning. 1100 Runners are expected to complete the course and to make it a success we need your help.

There is a range of tasks, small, bigger, easier or more involved. Some will allow you to still run in the race yourself. Many of you have already indicated that you are able and willing to take on a job, but with around 75 volunteers needed this is an ‘all hands on deck’ situation.

To help the 10k committee be really organised, please complete this Survey Monkey (just a couple of questions) – even if you have already said you will help out. It will help us identify how you can help us best and make sure we allocate you to a role fit for you.

All of you who have run in races will know that the best races are those with plenty of marshal support, so don’t be shy…sign up and do your club proud.

See you on the 23rd of April!


The Corsham 10k committee.

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* 1. I can help with the following (Please select all that apply).

Below are job descriptions of some of the roles available, please indicate all you are willing to consider. The more flexible you are the easier it is for us.
Use the text box to tell us about any jobs you've done in the past and any requirements you think we need to consider (e.g. you're only available before or until a certain time/you'd like a job that your children can help with)

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* 2. Are any of your friends/family members/colleagues etc. willing to help?

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* 3. At what email address would you like to be contacted?