AFF would like to learn more about how Army families feel about the elements of 'the Offer' package that are designed to lessen the impact of Service life on their family.

‘The Offer’ is the package that Service personnel receive for being in the Army, such as pay, allowances, training/education, housing and healthcare. 

Elements of the package are designed to ensure that Service families are not disadvantaged when compared to civilians and to help support them with the impact of a mobile Service life. In today's survey, we are describing this as the Army’s offer to families.

AFF appreciates that the offer includes wider elements, such as welfare support, but today's survey is focusing on the aspects which families feed back most regularly to us.

Does the offer help with the impact on your children’s education? Does your soldier's salary make up for any effect on your career and employment? Which elements of the offer are crucial to you remaining as an Army family?

For more information about any of the options mentioned in this survey, please go to for more information or contact your local AFF Co-ordinator.

Please tell AFF about whether the Army's offer today helps you as a modern Army family.

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