Church Extension Questionnaire - St James

The Church of St James lies at the heart of Bix, serving Bix and the Assendons.  You may have visited at some point, probably for a church service.  But we are more and more trying to meet other needs as a beautiful meeting and event space, especially with the Village Hall now being occupied much of the time by a successful Montessori School.  In order to ensure that we meet the needs of the highest possible number or people and include more events and programmes, we (the church PCC) are asking local people about how we should best develop the church so that everyone can use it.

There are up to 10 questions to answer - thank you in advance for taking he time to provide your views.  We appreciate it.

* 1. Have you visited St James’ Church?

* 2. Which of the following have you attended at St James’ Church? (please tick all that apply)

* 3. Which of the following most closely describes St James’ Church currently?

* 4. Would you be interested in viewing or attending an exhibition (either permanent or temporary) about the church’s history?    

* 5. Would you be more interested in visiting and using St James’ Church if the facilities were extended and improved? Which do we most need? (please tick all that apply)

* 6. For which of the following might you attend St James’ Church?

* 7. Do you belong to a community group that might want to book meeting space in St James’ Church if additional facilities were available?

* 8. (Optional) Where do you live?

* 9. (Optional) What is your age?

* 10. If you would like to receive more information as our project develops, please fill in your details