Welcome to the Humanitarian Leadership Academy Survey

Thank you for supporting the development of the 'essentials' learning pathway from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. The data from this survey will be used to further improve the design and delivery of the course.

All data used in this survey will be anonymised and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK)

* 1. Which organisation do you work for?

* 2. What is your job role?

* 3. In which country are you currently located?

* 4. Which learning pathway did you take?

* 5. Do you use technology in your daily work?

  I don't use this in my working day Less than 1hr per day 1hr per day 2 hrs per day more than 3 hrs per day
Desktop computer
Mobile phone

* 6. Do you have a reliable internet connection?

  I don't have a connection to the internet Yes No
At work
At home

* 7. What device did you view the course on?

* 8. Have you taken part in online learning before?