Stockport Town of Culture: Cultural, Creative & Community Organisations Survey

Stockport Council is keen to build an ongoing dialogue with the cultural, creative, and communities sector in Stockport to see how we can maximise the opportunities that Town of Culture brings to our Borough and to make sure that organisations are able to fully benefit from this exciting initiative. Please complete this short survey if you want to be kept involved in discussions and tell us how your organisation might like to be involved.
1.Please provide details of the primary contact for your business/organisation. Include Name, Telephone, Email, and Address if possible.

Stockport Council adheres to the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act. This information will remain confidential and completion of this form is entirely voluntary.  No identifiable information will be shared in public reports. You can find out more about how we process your data by visiting our website.
2.What could you or your organisation bring to the Town of Culture Programme?
3.What long-term changes would you like the Town of Culture programme to have on Stockport?
4.How can we make the Town of Culture Programme as inclusive as possible?
5.What activities and opportunities would like to see happen as part of our Town of Culture programme?
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