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Clare Bailey is proposing to introduce legislation to protect women's rights to healthcare provision. She believes that everyone has a right to access healthcare safely and without fear.

Every day families visiting sexual and reproductive healthcare services in Northern Ireland face intimidation just by trying to enter the premises, irrespective of their reasons for doing so. They are afraid to walk on the pavements outside healthcare services and report feeling upset and distressed following interactions with individuals assembled outside these services.

Northern Ireland’s citizens hold a wide range of opinions on the issue of abortion. Clare’s Private Members Bill will not seek to make any changes to the current legal status of abortion. Her proposed Bill focuses solely on the right to access legally available healthcare safely and confidentially. It is based on the belief that there should be no barriers in the way of getting clear medical advice, information and support from a qualified professional and that there is a need for further legislative safeguards to protect a woman’s right to access these legally available sexual and reproductive healthcare services. Legislation exists in other parts of the world to protect patients accessing healthcare, and Clare's proposed Bill seeks to protect women in Northern Ireland experiencing the same intimidation and fear.

Clare is keen to hear opinions from members of the public and relevant stakeholders about this piece of proposed legislation and invites you to complete this short survey below.

All responses are anonymous. However, information on whether the response is sent from inside or outside Northern Ireland may be available to the data collector.

It is preferable to complete the survey online - it helps us keep all the information together. However, if you prefer to complete the survey on paper, then please click the following link to download a printable PDF copy: http://www.greenpartyni.org/clare-bailey-consultation

Please note that no additional information, other than survey answers will be considered, this includes any postcards or other materials. In the interests of respecting privacy, any personal materials or information identifying individuals will not be considered or held. Printed versions can be posted to Clare Bailey MLA, Parliament Buildings, Stormont, BT4 3XX. Access to the survey can also be found on the Northern Ireland Assembly website at: http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/assembly-business/legislation/2016-2021-mandate/non-executive-bill-proposals/

Closing date for responses is 5 April 2017.