Resistance to antimicrobials affects people's health and increases costs. Health Education England wants to ensure that health and care professionals have the training and support they need to use antimicrobials appropriately. There is a national target to halve antibiotic prescribing by 2020. There are courses and resources available to help, but it is hard to make changes in practice. This anonymous survey seeks your views about what helps and hinders education about antimicrobial resistance, including prescribing and stewardship programmes. The findings will be used to plan any extra support or resources needed nationally or locally.

* 1. What sector do you MAINLY work in?

* 2. What part of the country do you mainly work in?

* 3. What is your role? Please select your main role or roles.

* 4. What have you found works well to educate workers about antimicrobial resistance?

* 5. What works less well to educate workers about antimicrobial resistance?

* 6. Are there any barriers to raising awareness or changing behaviours regarding antimicrobial resistance?

* 7. Are there any areas that might benefit from national or regional support from Health Education England or other stakeholders in the field of antimicrobial resistance? We are particularly interested in ways to strengthen prescribing and stewardship programmes, but please feel free to provide suggestions about other approaches too.

* 8. If there is anything further you would like to tell us about education, prescribing or stewardship in antimicrobial resistance, please let us know:

Thank you for your ideas. Your feedback will inform Health Education England's plans for further support.