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The media have many stories about how individuals and communities up and down the country are trying to reduce their use of plastic materials because of the huge amount of damage plastic is doing to the planet. Supermarkets are also starting to consider how they can reduce their use of plastics.

In the 1990s a group of surfers in Cornwall got together and formed SAS: Surfers Against Sewage to clean up the beaches. Recently they launched a project called Plastic Free Coastlines, which has been adopted by inland communities as well. They have developed a Plastic Free Community Toolkit to help reduce the use of plastics, especially single use plastics including plastic bottles, cups and bags.

It is amazing how much our daily lives involve plastics! Let’s face it, they are incredibly useful materials; yet we cannot keep using them in harmful ways as we are doing.

We are keen that in Letchworth we do all we can to help reduce the plastic problem and would love to see Letchworth achieve the ‘plastic free’ status offered by SAS. This does not mean 100% plastic free - which would not be possible anytime soon - but we can make big reductions in the amount that we consume.

Please can you take a few minutes to answer the attached questionnaire and share with us your opinions and ideas on how we can reduce the use of plastics locally?

Our project webpage contains some initial ideas for reducing plastic use and this will be regularly updated with any new ideas that are bought to our attention.

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* 1. Business Name

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* 2. Which of the following best describes your business? (Tick all that apply)

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* 3. To achieve 'plastic free' status for Letchworth, one of our goals is for at least 12 local businesses to find at least three new ways to reduce their use of
plastics.  TTL will be producing a poster for display by businesses that take

Would you be willing to take part?

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* 4. We are keen to learn and share good practice. What changes, if any, have you already taken to reduce your use of plastics?

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* 5. If you are planning to reduce your use of plastics, what changes are you considering?

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* 6. A national initiative is being rolled out to provide free 'refill stations' to top up visitors' water bottles with tap water.  There is a 'Refill' app showing businesses who are willing to provide a refill service.

Would your business be able to provide water bottle refilling?

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* 7. If you are happy to be part of this initiative please provide us with a contact name, email and phone number. These details will only by used by the 'Plastic Free Letchworth' project team to contact you in relation to the 'Plastic Free Letchworth' project. Your details will not be shared with any other organisation.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

You are welcome to contact us by emailing to ask any questions about this initiative.