NHSX, in collaboration with the AHSN Network and other partners are launching a survey, the AI in Health and Care Survey 2021, for AI-based data-driven technologies (‘AI-driven technologies’).

This exercise follows on from the surveys that were held in 2018, to understand what AI-driven technologies were being developed, and in 2019, to understand where they are being developed, what problems they are solving and collect more tangible information on the data and regulatory landscape. Findings were highlighted in the Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right report  and led to the conclusion that the creation of the NHS Artificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) would be essential to capitalise on opportunities identified whilst mitigating the risks. 

This year, we seek to engage with developers and procurers of AI-driven technologies in the UK to gain their perspective on the maturity of the landscape and progress to-date, alongside new opportunities and risks identified. We also start reflecting on the awareness and engagement the NHS AI Lab has had with developers and procurers in its first year.

The outputs of this survey will be used by the NHS AI Lab to start understanding and reporting on their engagement with the system and impact in year one.

We hope that through these actions we can make the UK the best place to safely and ethically develop, deploy and use AI-driven technologies in health and social care.  

The insights gathered through the survey may be used for public content, however we wish to reassure you that the answers to all questions will be kept anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey and supporting this initiative.