Many thanks for your participation in the KEME Team - thanks too for knitting swircles.  It is now time report the work you have done before sending the swircles you have produced for evaluation (to arrive no later than Friday 21 July - despatch addresses are below). 

Please answer this questionnaire for one set of swircles. If you produced more than one set, please complete a questionnaire for each set.

Please use this questionnaire to record data and observations about your materials and swircles. You'll need a ruler or tape measure and a protractor to check the yarn diameter, spin angle and direction. You may want to record this information before you start the survey.  Please note all measurements refer to the swircle before fulling.  

This questionnaire asks for all the measurements in metric units. If you are more comfortable using imperial units, please use the following chart to convert your answers to metric equivalents.
You may find it helpful to keep this open in another browser window as you complete the survey.
Feel free to skip any question you don't want to answer.  

Hand knitting is by nature not uniform and all your measurements are bound to be approximate so don't worry if you feel you are not being accurate enough. Make a note in one of the "comment" boxes if you think we need to know something specific about your swircle measurements.

Don't forget to photograph your swircles and name the jpg files as follows:

Fleece and Yarn: FandYFleeceYourFullName.jpg - for example, FandYleicesterRosalindMearns.jpg.

Before and After Swircles: BandA Fleece Your Full Name.jpg, for example: BandAleicesterRosalindMearns.jpg

This questionnaire will ask you to upload the photos.

Thank you for your participation!

This research now continues as part of The Tudor Tailor's work on lower class dress in the 16th and 17th centuries. The database of knitted caps is still freely available online at and further opportunities to participate in experimental archaeology by investigating fleece, yarn and testing knitting instructions for garments are planned.

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If you would like to know more, please email Jane on

Thank you from the KEME team!

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