Thank you for choosing to fill in our survey on the merger between Mornington Surgery and Kingfisher Medical Centre. We're really keen to hear your thoughts  - this information is really important as it will help us to shape the merger plans and understand what we need to do for you, our patients! 

There are just a few short questions below that will help us to help you! Please fill them in to the best of your ability. To help give you some context, we've put some of the key information and the key changes below:

Key context
  • Mornington Surgery and Kingfisher Medical Centre are planning to merge to form a single GP practice.
  • An exact date has not yet been agreed although it is likely to be later this year.
Changes and improvements
  • Following the merger, the current Mornington Surgery site is likely to close, meaning all services will be carried out at the newly refurbished Kingfisher Medical Centre premises
  • Kingfisher Medical Centre is a short walk away (c. 10 minutes) on Staunton Street. There is good bus access (47, 188, 199, N1, N199) and on-street parking is available right outside. Kingfisher also has a branch site at Surrey Docks which may be closer to you depending on where you live. For directions click here.
  • Some of the Mornington Staff are likely to move to the new practice including Dr Krishna, Dr Mary and Dharshika Krishna. 
  • You'll also get to meet new staff at Kingfisher including a number of very experienced GPs, a dedicated nurse, HCA, Paramedic, Pharmacist and Mental Health Nurse
  • The new model is slightly different with a variety of different team members (also known as a 'skill mix'), but what it should mean is that you'll get better access i.e. you'll be able to speak to a clinician sooner!
  • Because the merged practice will be bigger, we'll have more appointments and we'll be open for more hours, which should mean more flexibility and better appointment availability
  • Kingfisher Medical Centre currently runs Saturday clinics so Mornington patients will have access to that service as well!
For more details about the merger, please have a read of our websites here: or

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated email address at or call either practice number and we'll do our best to help you.
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