Welcome to the 'Keeping In Touch With Home Project' questionnaire for professionals

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire. Your response will only be used for this research project, which hopes to improve the support offered to families to help them keep in touch with children who are living away from home for a long period. This may be in a specialist school or college, children’s home, care home, assessment and treatment unit or other residential setting. Please note that your response may be used in blog posts on the Paving the Way website (www.pavingtheway.works) which are a part of this research project, in addition to being used in the final report.

The information you share with us will be confidential and any information we have from or about you will be destroyed securely once this research is published. We will look at your responses and may quote your words in our report, and on our blog, but we will take care not to include any details which could allow you, or any services you describe, to be identified. In other words, what you tell us will remain anonymous, unless we specifically email you and ask for permission to use your name alongside the quotation.

In filling in this questionnaire, please:
Answer the questions that you feel are relevant to your experience and are happy to answer - feel free to leave some questions out.
Try to be as specific as you can about what works really well and what doesn't. This will help us understand your views properly.
If you have any comments on other issues you feel are relevant, which our questions don’t cover, you are more than welcome to add these to the 'additional comments' section of the questionnaire.

This questionnaire will be available until Monday 9th May 2016.