How can local health and social care services better support health and wellbeing in Kent and Medway

The NHS, social care and public health in Kent and Medway are working together to plan how we will transform health and social care services to meet the changing needs of local people. It is the first time we have all worked together in this way and it gives us a unique opportunity to bring about positive and genuine improvement to health and social care over the next five years.
We have identified key priorities within the plan:

1)    Prevention – everyone has a part to play

2)    Local care  – the care you can get out of hospital

3)    Hospital care – when you need it
By answering this survey you will help us to identify what needs to change and to shape local services in your area.

 Please don’t feel obliged to answer all the questions, especially if you haven’t used that service, but we are grateful for any information you can provide.


The survey will run from 13 October 2016 until 23 December 2016.
Your answers will be invaluable in helping us design services for your area that are  really suited to the community.

Please reply in a personal capacity. If you would like to respond on behalf of a group that you represent, please email so this can be organised.
All responses will be confidential, and the results anonymised and collated in a report for the commissioners and their partners.  Thank you for your time, your views are very important to us and will help inform our plans.

Please tell us a little bit about your general health and how we can help you to take care of yourself and support you to stay fit and well: 

* 1. Where is your home located? ( please enter first part of your post code); for example, TN23

* 2. Which of the activities below do you do to stay healthy? Please tick those that you do regularly

* 3. What is the one change you would like to make to improve your general health and wellbeing?

* 4. What is the biggest barrier stopping you making that change?

* 5. What would most help you to make that change?

* 6. Do you know which services are available in your area to help you with health improvement - such as diet, or exercise or managing weight, stopping smoking?

* 7. What is the best way to tell you about health improvement services which are available in your area? Please tick those which are most likely to help

* 8. Many people live with and manage one or more long-term health conditions such as: heart problems, lung disease (COPD) and diabetes. 

If you have a long term health condition, how confident do you feel that you can watch out for and manage changes to your health condition at home, with advice and support from a health professional?

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