Newmarket Neighbourhood Plan: Feedback Form, 2019

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community’s chance to shape the development of the place they live, so we are looking for your comments. Is there something we have missed, or with which you don’t agree? Do you have an idea which could improve a Policy or Community Action? Please tell us!

Also, if there is something you really agree with, please do let us know – it is very important that we can show that members of the community support these policies.

Policies are related to land-use; if the Plan is approved they will become legally binding and they will guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of the area.

By contrast, Community Actions are initiatives to address local issues. They cannot be set out as Policies because strictly speaking they do not concern land use; however, having identified such initiatives, it is important that they are recorded so that they can be acted upon. There is an expectation that Newmarket Town Council will pursue these Community Actions to completion.

Please Note: You do not need to say whether you agree/disagree or make a comment about every policy/community action – but every comment you make is valuable. Anyone can make a comment, including those who live in the Cambridgeshire part of Newmarket.