Ian's Studio Photo Academy

If we run two academy events per month, it would take us three years to go through all the different available events.  Please indicate which events are of most interest to you.  Don't worry if you can't/don't want to respond to each one - just do the ones that are most relevant to you.

The events will still be available to those people who are not Academy members so please let me have your views even if you don't think you will be joining the academy.

If you want more details about what each event will cover please download our draft prospectus HERE.

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* 1. On a scale of 0-5 how interested are you the following Ian's Studio Academy Events?

  0 - No Interest 1 -Limited Interest 2 3 - Somewhat Interested 4 5 - Very Interested
CR001 - Composition & Point of View
CR002 - Understanding Cameras and Lenses
CR003 - “What the f ?!?” – Understanding f-numbers, aperture, shutter speed & ISO
CR004 - Exposing Yourself – Understanding Camera Exposure
CR005 - Understanding and Controlling the Light
CR006 - Introduction Digital Image Management and Editing
CR007 - Coping with Difficult Conditions and Bad Weather
CR008 - Developing as a Photographer
CR101 - Travel Photography
CR102 - Working with Available Light
CR103 - Planning to Shoot a Wedding
CR104 - Off-camera Flash and Strobist Techniques
CR105 - Understanding Studio Photography
CR106 - Working with Models
CR107 - Theatre Photography
CR108 - Understanding Macro and Table-top Photography
CR109 - The Business of Photography
CR110 - Sports and Wildlife
CR111 - Architecture
CR112 - Shooting for Stock
CR113 - Understanding Night Photography Techniques
CR401 - Understanding Your Compact Camera
CR401 - Your DSLR In Depth
CR501 - Lightroom: The Library Module
CR502 - Lightroom: The Develop Module
CR510 - Lightroom: Turbo Charge your Workflow
CR515 - Lightroom: Output Options
CR550 - Photoshop Basics
CR560 - Photoshop Techniques for Digital Rain and Digital Lightning
CR590 - Editing on mobile devices
CR601 - What Camera Club Judges Look For
PR001 - Portraiture: Headshots
PR002 - Portraiture: Full and 3/4 Length
PR003 - Portraiture: Sandwich Lighting
PR004 - Portraiture: Shooting Couples
PR005 - Portraiture: The Male Portrait
PR006 - Portraiture: The power of Grey
PR007 - Portraiture: Pin-up Photography
PR008 - Portraiture: Film Noir Lighting
PR101 - Boudoir: The Bed Set
PR102 - Boudoir: The Tri-fold Screen
PR151 - Glamour Basics
PR152 - Glamour: The Red Set
PR153 - Glamour: Calvin Klein Style
PR154 - Glamour: The Bed Set
PR160 - Studio Techniques for Digital Rain, Digital Lightning and Wet-look Glamour
PR201 - Art Nude Lighting: Introductory Lighting Set Ups
PR202 - Art Nude Lighting: Single Light Set Ups
PR203 - Art Nude Lighting: More single Light Set Ups
PR204 - Art Nude Lighting : Two light set ups
PR205 - Art Nude Lighting: Three Light Set-ups
PR206 - Art Nude Lighting: Working against the wall
PR207 - Art Nude: Bodyscapes
PR208 - Art Nude: Projected Nudes
PR209 - Art Nude: Paint and Slime
PR301 - On camera flash essentials
PR302 - Off camera flash essentials
PR303 - How to create your own strobist studio
PR304 - Night Photography Workshop
PR305 - Wedding Photography Practice
PR700 - Mounting and Matting
PR801 - Table-Top: Classics
PR802 - Table-Top: Working with Water
PR803 - Table Top: Food Photography
PR804 - Table-Top: Using a sound trigger
PR901 - Photo Walk Stockport
PR902 - Photo Walk Manchester
XR001 - Focus Stacking
XR002 - Working with Light Stencils
XR003 - Shooting and showing 360 degree spinning images
XR004 - Shooting on Green Screen
XR005 - Time-lapse Photography
XR006 - Shooting a self portrait

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* 2. I would like to know what evenings/times of day people prefer events to be on.  Please rate each day on a scale of 0 - 5

  0 - Impossible to attend 1 2 3 4 5 - Perfect time/day for me
Monday Evening
Tuesday Evening
Wednesday Evening
Thursday Evening
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Evening

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* 3. If some events were offered daytime during the week, would this be of interest to you?

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* 4. Ian's Studio Photo Academy will cost £6 ($10 US) per month.  You will receive weekly "Inspiration Sheets" with topics to shoot and "know how", you will have access to feedback and critiquing sessions.  Members will also receive discounts and advanced booking on the above events. There will be a free trial until January 2017.  How likely are you to join The Academy?

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* 5. If you wish to be added to a draw for 3 (additional) free months Academy membership, please supply your name and email address below: