Participant Information Sheet 

I am a Business Computing undergraduate student currently conducting my final year individual project.

I am designing and building an online searchable database of mental health and general health-related comic books and comics-related resources ('graphic medicine').

We are asking for your help to participate in a brief online survey which seeks to gather feedback from comics scholars that may help us understand better what the potential users of this database would require from such a resource.

The information you kindly provide will be used to inform the design and implementation of the project and during the testing stage of the project to ensure the user requirements have been met.
Participation is anonymous and responses will only be used for the research and educational purposes of this project. Complete anonymised datasets may be shared openly at the end of the project via an open access research data repository and as an appendix to any academic or educational outputs resulting from this study. Any findings will be summarised and reported as a student dissertation.

There are no risks in taking part of this research. No personally-identifiable information will be collected. All participants can discontinue the process of the survey at any time should they wish to.

For further information please contact my supervisor at

* 1. What is your current occupation or role? (If the terms do not exactly describe your role, please choose the closest term).

* 2. When searching for comics or comics-related materials in libraries or online, are you able to find what you are looking for?

* 3. As a comics scholar or someone interested in comics, why are you interested in --'Graphic Medicine' resources?

* 4. Which types of health-related categories of 'Graphic Medicine' would you like to see more of?

* 5. How useful would you say a 'Graphic Medicine' searchable database openly available online would be for you or others?

* 6. Is there any extra information or 'metadata' related to 'Graphic Medicine' you think would be useful to enable the discovery of resources, for example type of health condition, price, summary, ISBN etc.?

* 7. Are there any writers, illustrators and/or publishers you would like to see more content from in the digital library? (This includes categories related to resources in languages other than English). 

* 8. In your opinion, would there be value in adding other resource types such as magazines, journal articles, audio podcasts, decks of slides, videos, games etc to a 'Graphic Medicine' database?

* 9. Do you think resource data should be accompanied by target audience information, age restrictions or 'trigger warnings' related to any potentially sensitive subject matter?

* 10. Do you have any other comments or questions?