Dear Sir/Madam

We require your support and would like to know your views on our college website.  Your comments and feedback are paramount to our success in addressing any changes that may need to be made and the deadline for response is Friday 3rd February 2017.  We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in completing this short survey.

Yours faithfully
Tech City College AEP Students

* 1. Have you used the Tech City College website before?

* 2. Would a calendar of up to events be important?

* 3. Would a page of all information for parents in one place be useful?

* 4. What information would be important to you when assessing the college?

* 5. Would you use a forum to talk to other parents?

* 6. Are you interested Ofsted reports?

* 7. Would you subscribe to any email newsletter to receive updates about particular courses?

* 8. How do you feel about the current look and feel of the website? (Zero stars is negative and 10 stars is most positive)

* 9. How easy do you find the website to navigate? (Zero stars is negative and 10 stars is most positive)

* 10. Do you feel all the necessary course information is on the website?

* 11. What would you go to find out about upcoming events like open evenings?