In conjunction with Buckingham Town Council's Dog Show & Awareness Day, Vets4Pets (Buckingham) are offering an amazing prize of a Complete Care Package for the winner of the Best Dog Walk.  
Submissions entered here will be turned into a Poll where voters can select their preferred walk.  As there is one prize on offer we can only accept the first received location and this will be taken forward to Stage 2, unless the location/walk is noticeably different.  Submitters will not be mentioned by name at Stage 2 so voting is based solely on the enjoyment of the walk.

* 1. Where is your best dog walk?
  • Please give the name of the park, forest etc if unknown check on Google Maps, as they might have a place-name listed.
  • If hard to find, are there nearby roads or landmarks?
  • If your walk is over fields please consult Public Rights of Way maps before submitting.
  • If driving is necessary are there safe places to park and is parking free or payable to your knowledge?
  • Please be as specific as possible in case other dog walkers wish to visit before voting.

* 2. Describe in 100 words or less why this is your best dog walk;

* 3. Is this walk accessible ie for those with prams, wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc?

* 4. Leave us your name, address and best contact number;

Thank you for entering and good luck!