The City of London Corporation’s Housing Service is introducing a new set of standards through which estate cleaning and grounds maintenance will be graded and monitored.

With this we can provide a clear and consistent standard of service on our estates and report on our performance to residents.

The standards include information provided by HouseMark, an organisation which measures performance in housing organisations nationwide. Although we already perform well in terms of quality of service, there is always room for improvement.

To enable us to monitor the standards, we are introducing a new

electronic inspections regime designed to ensure the standards are maintained. This will also allow us to record and action any health and safety issues, estate management actions, and communal repairs.

The new inspection process will also allow us to produce full reports on the outcomes of the inspections, such as the overall grading for a block/estate and any actions identified (e.g. any communal repairs). The results of these reports will be available to residents, so you will be able to see for yourself how your block or estate is being cleaned and how it performs against the published standards. We will publish performance results on a regular basis.

To understand how we can improve on the estate services we provide, it will help us to understand the expectations that residents currently have. We also welcome your comments on the format and content of the proposed standards.

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