Review our cancer information and help us make a difference

Macmillan produces award-winning, quality-assured information on all aspects of cancer and its treatment. It is used by thousands of people affected by cancer. Our clinical information is rigorously reviewed by cancer professionals to ensure that it is accurate and reflects the best evidence available.

We are currently updating our database of specialist clinical reviewers and would like to know if you are available to review for us. Please fill in the short survey below.

Please pass on the link to this survey to anyone you think would be interested in being added to the Macmillan professional reviewers database. For more information about reviewing we can be contacted directly:

Maria Lavery, Senior Cancer Information Development Nurse:

Sue Green, Senior Cancer Information Development Nurse:

* 1. Have you reviewed content for Macmillan before?

* 2. What was the content and when did you review it (month/year)? 
If you can’t remember the exact title don’t worry – just tell us the topic/subject area.

* 3. Are you happy to continue receiving review requests from Macmillan?

* 5. How often would you be happy to review our content?

* 6. Would you be willing to comment on general oncology information (for example, emotional effects; side effects of treatment)?

* 7. Are you happy for Macmillan to keep your contact details on an internal database of professional reviewers? This is held securely, would not be shared and would only be accessible to members of the Cancer Information Development team.

* 8. If so, please confirm your details below.

* 10. Would you be interested in any of the following?

* 11. Please feel free to add your comments. This includes anything you think we can do to improve the reviewing process.

* 12. If you no longer wish to receive reviewing requests, thank you for any reviewing you’ve done for us in the past.

Please let us have your name and job title so that we can remove you from our list.