* 1. How often do you attend theatre shows?

* 2. Do ticket prices ever affect you attending a performance

* 3. What would you describe as a reasonable ticket price for a performance?

* 4. Would you be more likely to attend a show if it was a 'relaxed' performance (i.e. disruption is allowed, people are free to move around, leave or make noises if necessary)

* 5. Would transport, or lack of it, make it difficult for you to attend a performance?

* 6. Would you find it more enjoyable to watch a show or take part in a hands on workshop (i.e. arts and crafts)?

* 7. What would a venue need to have for it to be accessible for you?

* 8. What time of day would be the best time for you to attend a performance

* 9. Would you feel more comfortable seeing a performance at a venue you had already been to or a new venue?

* 10. Do you have any other comments about things that make it difficult for you to attend or when attending performances? E.g. not being able to take the person I care for with me; not being able to leave the person I care form on their own.

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