* 1. Your business in Wales

* 2. What proportion of sales is outside Wales (%)?

* 3. What proportion by value of suppliers are in Wales (%)?

* 4. Can you find business services in Wales that meet your needs?

  Yes No Partly

* 5. Similar firms to yours in Wales?

  Yes No
Are there similar firms to yours in Wales?
Are they competitors?
Do you collaborate with them?

* 6. Collaboration with other organisations (choose all suitable options)

  Yes No
Do you use Trade Associations or other organisations to help with your business?
Do you collaborate with other organisations for R&D?
If Yes are they Commercial?
If Yes and are Commercial are they based in Wales?
If Yes are they Academic?
If Yes and Academic are they based in Wales?

* 7. Are there plans or prospects of expanding the business in Wales in the next 5 years?

* 8. What are the biggest obstacle for expansion? (choose all suitable options)

* 9. Getting help

  Yes No
Have you ever sought export assistance?
Have you ever sought Welsh Government help with finance or advice?
If you answered Yes to help from the Welsh Government, was the experience entirely satisfactory?

* 10. If you have difficulty finding appropriate staff, which sort of staff give you problems:

* 11. What are the particular skills you find hard to source?

* 12. If you have longer comments about anything to do with this survey please enter them here.