The First Step...

We've designed this short wellbeing survey which shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. Your participation will help us to develop tools and resources that will help people working in volunteer management. Thank you for giving us your input

* 1. For how long have you supported, coordinated or managed volunteers?

* 2. In what activity area do you support, coordinate or manage volunteers?

* 3. On average how many hours per week do you work?

* 4. Hoe much of your time is spent on volunteer management?

* 5. Does your work involve routinely working outwith normal office hours (eg. 9am-5pm)?

* 6. In which local authority area are you based?

* 7. Are you satisfied that your overall skills and abilities match the needs of your job?

* 8. Are you satisfied that overall you and your work are seen as valuable?

* 9. How do you feel about the level of job control you have in the following areas?

  Not sure Really dissatisfied Mostly satisfied Totally satisfied
Amount of influence you have over decisions related to your job
Level of influence you have over decision making in your organisation
Working hours
Opportunities for flexible working
Treated as an individual by management
Fair opportunities to progress and develop
Level of collaboration and co-operation among colleagues
How people communicate within the organisation
Constructive support and supervision procedures

* 10. Are you satisfied with the amount of wellbeing information that your organisation provides you with?

* 11. Are you satisfied with the opportunities you have to look after your wellbeing before, during and after work hours?

* 12. How would you describe the following when you are at work?

  Very Poor Poor Good  Very good
Energy levels
Stress levels

* 13. How likely would you be to participate in the following wellbeing activities if they were available?

  Extremely unlikely Unlikely Don't know Likely Extremely likely
Stress management workshops
Therapy sessions eg yoga, massage
Physical activity sessions
Social events
Performance coaching
Time & productivity management sessions
Executive and leadership coaching
Mental health awareness sessions
Life coaching tasters
Mindfulness classes
Virtual group coaching
Self-care workshops eg. back care

* 14. To enter the free draw for a chance to win a copy of 'From the Top Down' by Rob Jackson and Susan J Ellis please provide your contact details

* 15. If you have provided contact information please complete the data protection options below