Dear colleague,

At the end of this text there is a link to a survey to help us set GCVS’ direction for the next three years. Your help to do so is appreciated.

I am writing to you as the new Chief Officer at GCVS, the umbrella body providing support for community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises across the city.

It has been three months since I started in post. I’d like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met so far. I have lived in Glasgow for over twenty years so I knew people would be friendly. You have all been generous with your time and knowledge. To those I haven’t met yet – I look forward to doing so.

Glasgow Communities Fund launched not long after I started, heralding the end of the Integrated Grants Fund. This has been a challenging time for the sector and the GCVS staff team have supported many of you through it. During the application window we supported over 200 of you in a month – we would have struggled had it not been for the team of amazing people from across the sector who volunteered their time and skills to help.

GCVS will continue to articulate confidently the contribution that community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises make to people. Our sector is uniquely well placed to support individual and community resilience, early intervention, support and recovery. Sustained investment is essential if we are to achieve the ambitions the Christie Commission laid out nearly ten years ago.

I have met with politicians and officers in the public sector who clearly value the contribution our sector makes. We all share the twin challenges of limited finance and desire to do the best for people. None of us can fix everything on our own and should not fall into the trap of trying to do so. Instead, we must strengthen collaboration and redesign not just services but the whole system.

This will be a gradual process. Let us not underestimate the challenge of moving resources and changing culture. It will require sustained leadership across both sectors and a shared commitment at all levels to a better way of working. There must be a willingness from all to share power, resources, knowledge and ideas.

In the spirit of this, I want to ask for your help. Over the next few months we will be developing our strategy for the next three years. In doing so, we want to hear your ideas, your views and the issues you face. The easiest way to do that is to complete our survey by clicking below.

We have tested it and it takes about 15 minutes to complete. I know you are busy, but please do it. We will have the survey open until Sunday 12 January.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you all.


Ian Bruce

Chief Executive
11 Queens’s Crescent
G4 9AS