A feedback survey for Carmarthenshire County Council tenants

The rent you pay for your home is collected by the coucil and held in our Housing Rent Account (HRA). The money is used to invest in homes and housing services, but we want to know what's important to you - how should we spend your rent?
This survey asks a few questions to get feedback that will help us plan our housing services in the future. Thank you for your time

* 1. Should tenants pay more for homes that are in high demand?

* 2. Should tenants pay less for homes that are in less demand?

* 3. What should the money we collect in rent from tenants be prioritised for?

  Very important Important Don't know Not important Not important at all
Increasing the amount of council homes
Improving and maintaining (repairing) your home
Providing help and support to maintain your tenancy
Help and advice with your bills and benefits
Grounds maintenance, such as grass cutting
Something else (tell us in the comment box below)

* 4. Do you have any other comments about your rent, and how we spend rental income? Let us know...