Readipop's Artist Development programme:

Alongside the charity's many other programmes, Readipop run a D&D programme helping local artists to grow their music careers with advice and support, recording, promoting and marketing (amongst many other things). 

We are looking specifically for around 4 artists/acts from in and around Reading and the Thames Valley who show promise, and prioritise helping those who may face bigger barriers getting into the industry (or who are currently underrepresented in music).

Please note Readipop can only support a very small number of artists/bands - so do not be disappointed if you do not hear back from us (and make sure you apply to play at Readipop Festival when we do our call out for local acts).

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Tabi Gazele

Tabi Gazele
What Readipop can help you with:

Expertise & Support - from people with years of industry knowledge.
Studio Time - Recordings + mixing for those who could not normally finance it.
Showcase gigs and Festival slots - Readipop Festival + other Readipop projects
Marketing and Promotion - We aim to supply our artists with press packs, and the necessary videos and promotional material to get you bookings, as well as helping you to make money from your music. Projects for the near future also include incorporating your work into a new Record Label - run by us as part of our charity work - which would aim to benefit you and your career.
Connections - From other local musicians and organisations to Grammy Award winners, we'll aim to point you in the right direction with the contacts we've gained over the years.

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