* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What course are you studying?

* 3. In the past week, on how many days have you done a total of 30 minutes or more of physical activity, which was enough to raise your breathing rate. This may include sport, exercise, and brisk walking or cycling for recreation or to get to and from places, but should not include housework or physical activity that may be part of your job.

* 4.  Where did you do this activity? Was it: (tick all that apply)

* 5.  If you answered ‘4’ or lower in question 3
Thinking about the future, over the next 12 months, would you like to do more sport or recreational physical activity than you do at the moment?

* 6.  If you answered ‘4’ or lower in question 3
Are you thinking of participating in physical activity in the next 6 months?

* 7.  If you answered ‘4’ or lower in question 3
Are you planning on doing activity in the next month?

* 8. What activities would like to do at college?

* 9. Would you prefer to do an activity individually or with your curriculum group?

* 10. When would you most likely take part in an activity/sport?