Bengeo Field Amenity and Leisure Survey

In response to the renewed and revised application to extract gravel from Bengeo Field, we need to gather evidence about HOW OFTEN and HOW the Field is used as an amenity by Bengeo residents and other members of the public. We would be grateful if you would spend 10 minutes of your time completing the questionnaire below.

Please remind friends and neighbours to complete the questionnaire, and/or give a paper version to those who you know do not have a computer.

* 1. Have you used Bengeo Field for leisure or recreation in the last 12 months?

* 2. How often do you use the public footpath across Bengeo Field?

* 3. Has the frequency of your using (or viewing) Bengeo Field changed in the past 12 months?

* 4. In your opinion would the quarry alongside the footpath and lorries getting from B158 affect your current use/visits to the Bengeo Field? Please tick all that apply.

* 5. What activities do you do in Bengeo Field? Please tick all that apply

* 6. Which views of Bengeo Field do you mainly enjoy? Please tick all that apply.

* 7. Do you visit the Bengeo Field as part of any group - formal or informal? We would like to list all groups using the Bengeo Field and the footpath.

* 8. If the answer to question 7 is yes, please name/describe the group you visit Bengeo Field with (family, group of dog walkers, cyclists, joggers, horse riders, scouts, etc).

* 9. What is your age group?

* 10. Further comments - use this to make any other comments with regards to the use of Bengeo Field

* 11. How far do you live from Bengeo Field

Your email address and post code will not be passed to third parties they are simply used to validate your survey

* 12. Post Code (optional)

* 13. Email Address (optional)