* 1. Are local elections taking place in your local council:

* 2. Local councils are responsible for a wide variety of services. Please rank these issues from 1 to 8 [where 1 is very important and 8 is much less important] in order of which services are of most importance to you.

* 3. Some local authorities have experienced significant reductions in their budget over recent years. Have you noticed a decline or improvement in your council provided local services in recent years.

* 4. Are you happy with the level of council tax that you pay?

* 5. Would you be happy to pay slightly more council tax to improve services in your local area such as social care, waste collection, youth services, and library services?

* 6. Do you feel your council keeps you up to date with its work and activity in the local area?

* 7. We are interested in understanding how active you feel your local councillors are in engaging with residents. In the past year, have you received any written communication from a local councillor, such as a leaflet in the post?

* 8. In the past year, has a local councillor, knocked on your door to ask if you have any concerns or issues that they can help you with?